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17 Dec

I cannot think of anything in this world that is promised to us, and especially not another day of life.


The amazingly complex, perfectly imperfect gift we know we should be using to the fullest.  Do we?  I know I’m guilty of foregoing many things in favor of what I THINK I need to do.  The truth is, all I need is to Live and Love.

LIVE FULLY.  The rest will follow.

k0289608I want to surrender myself to the magic that is all around me.  With the knowledge that I can, there is nothing stopping me but my fears.  We all have them.

In these un-promised few hours before the day closes, I sail out to navigate the stormy sea that is this 21st century of so many changes, so much to explore and learn.  Night promises all and nothing.  You take from it what you can.  I hope to take a dream of wonder …..

I AM ALIVE.  What else matters?

Are YOU alright?