Hell With Dell

2 Mar


This is the end of any semblance of enjoying the internet, after spending a month without it and realizing to my horror I actually missed it.  Holy hell that’s disastrous!  Monstrous.  I’m not an e-age person and find I’m being pushed into that mold, well….it’ll be a fight I can promise.

Both Dell and Verizon couldn’t help me and finally I had to pack this laptop up and ship it back, expecting it to work, paying for it to, and when it didn’t I had to call Dell again – staying as calmly polite as possible even though I didn’t understand the language – then spent several hours of a wasted day trying to get it to work – AFTER they fixed it.  I’m becoming dissembled.

How can one enjoy using this medium it you never know when it’ll disappear?  I could list the crazy things it does but that would only anger me more so I’ll end this now before it occurs that I’m using the thing I’m complaining about..  Holy holy hell.


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